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The name has Proto-Indo-European origins, and is related to English tray. Bharadwaja rishi went with his companions to the Ganga River to perform his ablutions.

There he was beheld by the beauty of a beautiful apsara called Ghritachi who had come there to bathe. The sage was overcome by desire, which caused him to produce semen involuntarily out of the visual excitation. Like Drona himself, Kripi and her brother had not been gestated in a womb, but outside the human body. Drona approached Parasurama when he learnt the sage was giving away his possessions to brahmins. However, by the time he was approached by Drona, Parasurama only had his weapons left to give away.

Remembering a childhood promise given by Drupada , he decided to approach him to ask for help. However, King Drupada refused to even acknowledge their friendship, saying friendship was possible only between persons of equal stature in life.

Resources | Brooke West Yoga

Drona decides to continue Parashurama's legacy by starting his own school. He uproots his family and begins wandering Northern India. While at Hastinapur , he comes across the Kuru princes at play, and is able to use his abilities to help the princes solve some of their problems.

Amazed, the princes go to their patriarch Bhisma with news of this magician. Bhishma instantly realized that this was Drona, and asked him to become the Guru of the Kuru princes, training them in advanced military arts. Drona's school soon accepted all students of Hastinapur and its allies.


Many princes came to study under him. Of all the Kaurava and Pandava brothers training under Drona, Arjuna emerged as the most dedicated, hard-working and most naturally talented of them all, exceeding even Drona's own son Ashwatthama. Arjuna assiduously served his teacher, who was greatly impressed by his devoted pupil. Arjuna surpassed Drona's expectations in numerous challenges. When Arjuna, inspired by his brother Bhima's nocturnal eating, mastered archery in absolute darkness, Drona was moved. Drona was greatly impressed by Arjuna's concentration, determination, and drive, and promised him that he would become the greatest archer on earth.

Drona gave Arjuna special knowledge of the divine Astras. Drona was partial especially to Arjuna and Ashwatthama.

Drona dearly loved his son Ashwatthama and as a guru, he loved Arjuna more than anyone. A strong criticism of Dronacharya is due to his pervert behavior towards Ekalavya and his strong bias in favor of Arjuna. Ekalavya was the son of a Nishadha chief, who came to Dronacharya for instruction. Ekalavya began study and practice by himself, having fashioned a clay image of Dronacharya. Solely by his determination, Ekalavya became a warrior of exceptional prowess. One day, kuru princes' dog's barking disturbed a focused Ekalavya.

Astrology as a Spiritual Guide

Without looking, Ekalavya fired arrows that sealed up the dog's mouth without spilling any blood of dog or causing any injury to the dog. The Kuru princes saw this dog running back to them, and wondered who could have done such a feat. They saw Ekalavya, who announced himself as a pupil of Drona. Every person saw his skill in shutting the dog's mouth. But Drona had given promise that Arjun will be the greatest archer ever in the world,so he demanded Ekalavya his right hand thumb as fee of being teacher.

Drona held the invincible sword of Lord Brahma. Bhishma once told the story of this sword to Pandava prince Nakula. This sword was the primordial weapon created by the gods for the destruction of evil.

The name of the sword was Asi , the personification and the primary energy behind all the weapons ever created. As per Bhishma, the constellation under which the sword was born is called Krittika, Agni is its deity, Rohini is its Gotra, Rudra is its high preceptor and whoever holds this weapon obtains sure victory.

Dronacharya had been the preceptor of most kings involved in the Kurukshetra War , on both sides. Dronacharya strongly condemned Duryodhana exiling the Pandavas, as well as the Kauravas' general abuse towards the Pandavas. But being a servant of Hastinapura , Dronacharya was duty-bound to fight for the Kauravas, and thus against his favorite Pandavas. Duryodhana manages to convince Drona to try and end the war by capturing Yudhishthira.

Though he killed hundreds and thousands of Pandava soldiers, Drona failed to capture Yudhishthira on days eleven and twelve of the war, as Arjuna was always there to repel his advances. On the 13th day of battle, Dronacharya formed the Chakravyuha strategy to capture Yudhishtira, knowing that only Arjuna and Krishna would know how to penetrate it. The Trigartas were distracting Arjuna and Krishna into another part of the battlefield, allowing the main Kuru army to surge through the Pandava ranks.

Unknown to many, Arjuna's young son Abhimanyu had the knowledge to penetrate the formation but didn't know the way out. At the request of Yudhishthira, Abhimanyu agreed to lead the way for the Pandava army and was able to penetrate the formation. However, he was trapped when Jayadratha , the king of Sindhu , held the Pandava warriors who were following him, at bay. Abhimanyu did not know how to get out of the Chakra Vyuham, but embarked upon an all-out attack on the Kuru army, killing tens of thousands of warriors single-handedly. Drona is impressed with Abhimanyu and praises him endlessly, earning the ire of Duryodhana.

With his army facing decimation, and spurred on by Duryodhana's criticisms, Drona asked the Kaurava maharathis to simultaneously attack Abhimanyu, to strike down his horses and his charioteer and to disable his chariot from different angles. Left without support, Abhimanyu began fighting from the ground. Exhausted after his long, prodigious feats, Abhimanyu was eventually killed. After that, several who fought against Abhimanyu were criticized for their murder, such as Bhurishrava , Drona or Karna.

The devious murder of his son enraged Arjuna, who swore to kill Jayadratha the next day or immolate himself. Drona constructed 3 combined vyuhas to protect Jayadratha, first was the Shakata vyuha then was Padma Vyuha and last was the Srigantaka vyuh and at its rear was Jayadratha and stood at the head of the box formation or shakata vyuh. In the early part of the day, Arjuna and he duel, and Arjuna is unable to bypass his preceptor.

With Krishna's prodding, Arjuna circumvents Drona. When Duryodhana rages at Drona, Drona replies and that he intends to capture Yudhishthira while Arjuna is away and would only hasten their victory. Drona severely wounds his friend's son, disarming him and forcing him to retreat. When he attempts to chase after Dhristadyumna, he is checked by Satyaki , who insults his teacher's teacher and issues a challenge.

Their combat is described as fierce and despite being able to hold off Drona for several hours, Satyaki eventually tires and has to be rescued by the Upapandavas. Later in the day, Yudhishthira sends Satyaki to aid Arjuna. Drupada has made a deep study of both the philosophy and the calculations of Vedic astrology.

Raja drupada vedic astrology

He has studied the writings of prominent astrologers, with special emphasis on the writings and teachings of Sri Yukteswar, Paramhansa Yogananda, and Swami Kriyananda author of Your Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide. Drupada's approach to astrology centers on the potential he sees in each horoscope for personal growth and for overcoming the specific karmic patterns that are most actively present in this incarnation. He helps people to become more aware of their karmic challenges, on the one hand, and their karmic opportunities on the other.

Classes with Drupada brings clarity, hope, and insight on how best to realize one's potential. In India, the science of astrology is called Jyotish, which in Sanskrit means the science of light. It is the study of man's response to the light waves that emanate from the planets and the stars. Jyotish has been practiced in India for thousands of years. It is a branch of the ancient Vedic knowledge that also produced the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda.

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These three sister sciences help us to become more aware of our unique, innate characteristics. They also teach us how to refine our awareness and how to work in harmony with universal realities. Vedic astrology is intimately linked to the concept of karma. The Vedic horoscope reveals one's past karma.

As Paramhansa Yogananda puts it, our unalterable past and its probably future results.