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  1. 9 Gemstones (Navratnas) & Wearing Methods
  2. How to wear Navaratna ring?
  3. 1. Planet Sun:
  4. Nine gems or Navratna

According to Hindu astrology, life on earth is influenced by the navagrahas, or nine influencers. Wearing the nine gems is said to provide an astrological balance and benefit to the wearer.

9 Gemstones (Navratnas) & Wearing Methods

Navratna jewellery brings harmony between man and the planets that are believed to control his destiny. The placement of gemstones in Navratna jewellery follows a set pattern. The supposed astrological benefit of wearing gems has not been scientifically quantified, yet it has been practiced by men and women since ages. Some of the pieces like the Ashtalakshmi Necklace , Gandaberunda Pendant Set , Avaroha Earrings combine motifs from antique temple jewellery - like Lakshmi, Makara with Navratna gemstones. Crafted with great skill and designed with utmost care it has taken us four months to create this bespoke collection.

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How to wear Navaratna ring?

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Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewellery Auspicious Navratna Jewellery - significance of gemstones in astrology and lesser known facts India has a rich and varied heritage of jewellery design. Sumit Kumar October 18, Wow! The best quality coral stone is selected as gemstone. The wearer of red coral is believed to get more courage. Red coral cures all types of blood diseases. Also, it is capable of curing the diseases like fever, bilious, cough, smallpox, chickenpox, loss of vitality, piles, headache, etc.

People who wear this gemstone will get all the material richness and great significance. Emerald is a green colored stone found in nature. It is pretty to look at and also to wear.

1. Planet Sun:

People with Gemini Mithra and Virgo Kanya zodiac signs can wear this gemstone as lucky stone. Emerald enhances the brain related improvements like memory, intelligence and learning abilities. Especially, fear and sensitivity are completely removed by this stone.

It is believed that emerald cures diseases like gastritis, diarrhea, asthma, insomnia, heart troubles, dysentery, etc. Yellow Sapphire is a kind of corundum and it occurs in various colors. Yellow sapphire is one among them. This gemstone is suitable for Sagittarius Dhanus and Pisces Deena zodiac signed people. Good health, honor, fame and wealth among the society. It is also believed that the person wearing this gemstone gets married earlier. Blue sapphire is also a kind of corundum used as a gemstone like yellow one.

The only difference is the color which is blue.

Navaratna does it work

Capricorn Makara and Aquarius Rumba zodiac signed people will generally wear this gemstone. Neelam removes evil effects caused by Saturn.

This gemstone also elevates people from poor status to high. Blue sapphire is good as long as it is used in a good way. The sapphire gives you all the health, wealth, prosperity and so on factors you want in life.

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And also it is capable of restoring your wealth which is lost. Diamond is a transparent crystal which is considered to be very precious.

Nine gems or Navratna

Also, it is a costly gemstone. People having Taurus Vrushaba and Libra Thula zodiac sign have to wear to grab the richness in life. Fortune follows them with this wear. Diamond enhances the fame, honor and wealth of the person. Usually it possesses the quality to bring in goodness and vanish away the bad thoughts.

Diamond brings peacefulness to mind and also provides positive thoughts. Diseases like diabetes, skin, urinary problems, syphilis, and uterine diseases can be reduced in severity with this gemstone. Hessonite is a gemstone with calcium and aluminum deposits. Usually, hessonite is available in red, yellow or brown color. This gemstone helps in achieving a grand success within short period. It fulfills with abundant fortune.